Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Globalization as culturally

As we know that mostly people are reliable on westernization and doing such things that i described below in different points:
• Greater international cultural exchange,
• Spreading of multiculturalism, and better individual access to cultural diversity.
• Greater international travel and tourism 
• Spread of local foods such as pizza and Indian food to other countries (often adapted to local taste
• Development of a global telecommunications infrastructure using such technologies as the Internet, communication satellites and telephones
• Formation or development of a set of universal values 

How technology connected with globalization

On the basis of modern era,  technology changed the way of life and explores the impact of the different forms of the globalization  on developing countries.As we know, people have new equipments to do connect with international people in world and they can send message to any person in few time.
Through travelling, media, scientific and technical workshops, Internet and many other communication channels, globalisation allows the transmission of knowledge at a much greater pace than in the
past. However, this does not automatically force to developing countries succeed to benefit from
technological advances. On basis of advancement of globalization , this will strongly rely on the nature of the technology .

Globalization makes interaction between socities

With a greater international exchange of ideas, goods, services, and talent today, our world has never been more wired and connected. Globalization has wholly transformed how people across continents absorb information and interact with each other. I believe it also has truly changed how we think and act as individuals.Facebook has been incredibly infectious. Since its  beginnings at  eight years ago, the social media site’s popularity as an online place to connect and exchange ideas and photos has proliferated, attracting 1 billion monthly active users today. This figure is nearly 15 percent of the world and three times the size of the population of the United States.So, i think people are giving more time on internet. In fact, this has gret impact on people.

Globalization helps to increase worldwide business

International business is constantly being shaped by globalization and the ever changing economic situations of countries around the world. With that being said, there are many challenges that  ahead as well as opportunities for countries. Many countries continues to grow and evolve across the globe, by doing business with developed countries because people are depend upon import products that are received on low costs which are better for saving the money. Meeting the demand of a 21st century global knowledge-based society will definite begun and the countless benefits will get in future time.

Globalization makes more competitive

To compete in the global economy, a country’s workforce must be knowledgeable, well-trained, and understand the complex work as well as the benefits created by globalization. It’s true that  these objectives is easier said than done but in our hands like hard to achieve benefits in modern business and this great tool is simply education. Just as globalization has changed business around the world, it is also changing education. A common trend in higher education policy is the international of education to help students live, work, and be successful in today’s world.In fact ,globalization made more competitive because large companies are doing import and export in short span of time.

Globalization like threat for cultural socities

 As we know that all religions  in which all people are ready to accept a new world order, not all new world orders beneficial for society.  Cultural effect is also happened with coming close of countries.  Nowadays, people are eating same food and have similar lifestyle. so, in this way people are wearing same type of clothes. In fact , globalization has great impact  on small societies because people are using shortcut words for different languages. Furthermore, small languages will be diminished  in future time.So, globalization is like a threat for cultural societies.

Globalization like a movement

Globalization is the worldwide movement to increase the flow of goods, services, people, real capital, and money across borders in order to create a more better world economy. After this,but let take a look at trade during modern time and how it has affected today’s economy.  Trade networks have always followed the trends of politics, economics, technology, and most importantly culture.  Moreover, luxury goods demanded by elites encouraged trade to gain momentum between different countries.  Soon, economics became so interconnected that World Systems became dependent on each other. furthermore, it also help to decrease gap between various countries.